About me

My name is Manouk Kennis and I am 20 years old and based in the Netherlands. I'm currently a second-year Visual Arts student at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Since a very young age I showed passion for drawing. I was always very facinated by movies and games. Films like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Maze Runner had a big impact on my life. This resulted in me drawing lots of character and creatures from these movies.


Halfway through secondary school I found out that creating characters and creatures for movies and games was something you could do as a job. Since then it was my goal to get into the study 3D Visuals Arts at BUAS. After secondary school, I took a gap year where I focused mainly on my intake at BUAS. Doing so, I followed lessons for almost a year at 'De Tekenacademie'. Here I learned more about the basics and digital painting. In 2021 I got accepted into my dream study where I am currently still studying.


During my second year I started focusing on Character art. Here I figured out that I have a big passion for sculpting. In my second block I sculpted the dragon 'Hraezlyr' from God of War (2018) as my project. Since this project I am 100% sure, I want to become a Creature artist.



Adobe Photoshop


Substance Painter




Oil painting

Acryl painting